Thank you to all our customers who are patiently waiting for stock to arrive.
We are currently experiencing significant delays with international shipping and difficulties getting stock out of South Africa due to the recent Riots and International Shipping delays.
We normally have a good reserve of stock but since the beginning of April our reserves have been completely depleted and we are relying solely on containers as they arrive.
We have a large amount of stock arriving towards the 28th of October, so we urge our customers to take advantage of our "Email when Available" feature. This feature does not subscribe you to our newsletter and it simply notifies you when that stock item is in stock.
We expect Chips, Biscuits, Rusks, Tropika, Sweets and Chocolates and Beers!
Thank you again for all of your patience, it hasn't been easy but we are truly grateful for all the support you have given us.
Jared and The Saffa Shop Team