Made with 100% natural Premium Australian Prime Meat Cuts. No Gristle or hard bits, salted just right, perfect for any occasion.


Traditional (500G, 1KG) - Time honoured classic, subtle coriander and whole spice blend made without vinegar. If you’re looking for a subtle boerewors, this is the one for you.
• Beef and Pork • Gluten Free • Hog Casing

Just Beef (800G) - Traditional Boerewors without Pork and Lamb.
• Beef • Gluten Free • Sheep Casing

Beef & Lamb (800G) – Traditional Boerewors without Pork.
• Beef & Lamb • Sheep Casing

Ossewa (500G, 1KG) - A stronger style Boerewors. You can taste the whole spices (Roasted Coriander, Nutmeg and Cloves)
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Hog Casing

Hanekraai (800G) – A thinner style Traditional Boerewors. Great for Breakfasts or Braai Starters.
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Gluten Free • Sheep Casing

Plaasjapie (500G, 1KG) - Rich Brown Vinegar, Coriander, Nutmeg and Cloves.
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Gluten Free • Hog Casing

Windpomp (1KG) - Lean, low-fat Boerewors, crafted with a Drakensberg Style flavour.
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Gluten Free • Hog Casing

Soustannie (500G, 1KG) – A curry style Boerewors, we’ve thrown in some Mrs Balls Chutney for that extra taste. Similar to a Bobotie - without the raisins (Sultanas).
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Hog Casing

Sous-Sussie (800G) – Soustannie in a thinner style casing.
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Sheep Casing

Bek Brand (1KG) - Hot Chilli Boerewors – “lekker”! Be warned this Boerewors is “only for the brave in Melbourne”
• Beef, Lamb & Pork • Gluten Free • Hog Casing


Boerewors requires refrigeration below 4 degrees.


Product must be cooked prior to consumption

Suitable for BBQ, grilling or pan frying. Pan fry on medium heat until cooked in the middle. Do not prick holes in the casing.